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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Olaf Schneider 2009

The above is a still clip of a brand new Flash animation with beautiful water effects inspired by the quotation below. Click on the image above or on to see (and hear) the original in all its glory!

Now there comes to me a memory and I can smell the trees, feel the hot sun through the leaves. It was on the Appalachian Trail or it might have been somewhere else: my best friend Jim and I, hot and sweaty, pushing our bikes up a woodland road over a little mountain. At the top of the slope was a spring. I remember a stone trough and the clear cold water. There were leaves in the bottom of the trough and tiny crayfish. The water gushed from the pipe and it was a foreverness of itself, the endless quenching of all thirst. We drank it like an elixir and stuck our heads in the trough among the leaves and the crayfish and became new and strong and untired, for ever refreshed by the magic of that clear cold water that sparkled in the sunlight and the shadows on the mountain.

from Angelica's Grotto

"... for ever refreshed by the magic of that clear cold water." One of my favourite quotes from Angelica's Grotto. Stick your head (mouse) in the trough among the leaves and crayfish and try to catch the latter. Use controls on the lower right to turn ON/OFF the sound of the animation*.

Happy 84th birthday, Russell Hoban!

(*animation uses flash script by serkanp via

You will need Adobe Flash Player to view the animation Free download

See all of Olaf's animations: on this site / on YouTube

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