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Tuesday, 4 February 2003

Judy Tihany 2003

Well! What a day! It seems that when you start to look for a quote, they all rear up at you on their hind legs and squeal "Me! Me! Choose me!!"

Anyway, after much agonising, I settled on this one (ignoring the piteous wails of all the rest):

Dionysus and 'the other' are outside us and within us. So is Hermes, the Priapic god, the thief-god, the god of roadways and night journeys, of chance and change and all kinds of shadowy connections. Here I quote myself from The Medusa Frequency:

Hermes is a mode of event, a shift in the relativities of the moment, a new disposition of energies. There's what you might call a frequency of probability when complementary equivalents offer and anything can be anything.

- from The Bear in Max Ernst's Bedroom
an essay from The Moment Under The Moment

I then went to the luggage section of David Jones Department Store (a lovely big, elegant store in Sydney) and looked for Hermes brand luggage - but they didn't have any. So I placed the yellow sheet inside a 'Travelite' backpack.

Now who will buy this backpack?

This quotation covers my favourite territory: that we don't actually know what anything is, and that anything is possible.

With strangely fond greetings to all my unknown collaborators,


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