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Tuesday, 4 February 2003

Kerry Power 2003

Hi everyone,

I was tempted after "Trubba Not" last year to add "No Trubba" this year, but I am hoping this is something the UN Security Council is more likely to say.

...then I remembered loving a chapter toward the end of Angelica's Grotto and how it was vintage Hoban... so I chose a line from this chapter (48: "Loomings"):

You said you were going to tell me about the more.

The thing about the more is that it comes after what comes before it. When it's ready it'll make itself known.


I followed my approach of last year and ventured back to the Underground - it just seems appropriate (my own reverential Hoban tradition for SA4QE) to leave it there, on a seat, platform 4, Parliament Station, Melbourne.

See you next year!!!

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