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Tuesday, 4 February 2003

Linda Whitebread 2003

Hello all,

Belated thanks to Yvonne and Lindsay for this quote:


A frightening thought had been growing in me. I'd always assumed that I was the central character in my own story but now it occurred to me that I might in fact be only a minor character in someone else's. Miss Neap's perhaps. And I didn't even know the story.

Have duly posted copies at the University Graduate Centre in Cambridge (one by the computer room, in case anyone is inspired to rush in and check the addresses straight away...) That's Cambridge, UK, and the Grad Pad which looks over Laundress' Green and the Mill Pond. And I am an administrator working at the Board of Graduate Studies in Mill Lane, in another part of which a sign proudly announces: 'University of ambridge'. Which, as any ful kno, is the home of Phil, Jill, David, Ruth, Kenton, Shula, Elizabeth etc etc...

Wot larks!


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