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Tuesday, 4 February 2003

Richard Cooper's 2003 Hoban Adventure 28/28


All Hallows by the Tower

(The Medusa Frequency)

I allowed myself a good half-hour to mull over my wine in the Cheshire Cheese before heading off for my last official Hoban stop, All Hallows by the Tower. I traced my route back up Savage Gardens to Tower Hill station but even with my map couldn’t work out exactly where the church was. The Evening Standard vendor by the entrance to Fenchurch Street Station – and a Londoner too!! – directed me across the cobbled square, over the main road and “up to the right a bit”. True enough, here it was – and a beautiful church too, rising up goldenly in the night in a warm rhyme with the Tower of London and Tower Bridge in the distance. Sadly it was closed, so I couldn’t venture into the crypt in the way Herman and Melanie had done, but I popped the quote through the letterbox and took a hobble around the building where I took these shots. The one of the church itself is a bit blurry because I didn’t have a tripod, but hopefully the idea of the church in the night comes through.

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