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Wednesday, 4 February 2004

Judy Tihany 2004

Looking for a particular thing in a museum is like looking for a word in a dictionary - you keep being led astray. There was a little bronze tomb guardian, something between a dog and a nightmare, who looked as if he could lick his weight in demons or anything else that came his way. Although I wasn't dead I felt safer with him around. A place like that Chinese gallery is bound to be haunted by ghosts, demons, who knows what. For that matter, every place I know is haunted by ghosts, demons and absent friends.

I placed this quote on a wall between two automatic money-tellers on a bank shopfront in a Sydney suburb called Summer Hill. Afterwards I sat in my car and watched as one man stared at it, then later as a woman didn't seem to see it at all. This quote resonates as (a) I love looking in the dictionary, and (b) I carry my ghosts, demons and absent friends with me always.

Love and much happiness to Russ,


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