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Wednesday, 4 February 2004

Michael A. Piper 2004

from The Marzipan Pig

A lady came walking by. She was carrying a small handbag. The owl knew there was money in handbags. He swooped down and snatched it from her. He flew back to the taxi and dropped the bag on the bonnet. He looked in through the windscreen at the meter. "I love you," he said.

"FOR HIRE," said the meter.

"Stop, thief!" said the lady.

The driver gave the handbag back to the lady. He said to the owl, "You can't do that."

"Who?" said the owl.

"You," said the driver. "If you want a ride that badly, I'll give you one. But you'll have to pay me back sometime, and not by stealing. Get in."

The driver opened the door and the owl perched on the back of the front seat by the meter. The driver started the meter and they drove off.

"I love you so much!" said the owl to the meter. "How much do you love me?"

"25p," said the meter.

"Love me more," said the owl.

"30p," said the meter.

"More and more!" said the owl.

"35p," said the meter. "40, 45."

"Yes," said the owl, "that's how it is. More and more and ever more. I am so happy with the lovely violet glow of you!"

"50p," said the meter as the cab pulled up at the cab stand by the bridge again. The driver stopped the taxi and turned off the lights. The meter went dark.

"Light up again," said the owl. "Tell me again how much you love me."

"That's it for tonight," said the driver. "Now it's time for trumpet practice."

I have chosen to leave my quote on a bench at our local coffee shop, where there is much foot traffic and a wide variety of people.

I chose my quote from The Marzipan Pig because as my son was growing up, it was one of his favorite books, one which we would read over and over again. It meant so much not only to him, but also to me because it represented not only a shared love of reading but also our time together as father and son.

I wish I could include a photo, but unfortunately cannot.

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