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Saturday, 4 February 2006

Olaf Schneider 2006

Interactive animations inspired by Russell Hoban writings

NOTE: Be sure to have the sound turned on for this Flash animation, and to give it a few moments to load. It opens in a new window as it is hosted externally. You need to have installed Flash version 5 or later to view it. If you don't, download it for free.

Enjoy! - Olaf

Soho streetlights
Olaf notes: "This year I didn't manage to drop my yellow paper in time. Anyhow, my only excuse is that I wanted to drop my SA4QE close to the place of Istvan Fallok in Soho. And then there was this hopping thing which attacked me. When I got my consciousness back, the yellow paper was gone but I did a photograph of the site of crime..."

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