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Saturday, 4 February 2006

Steve Long 2006

I had no preconceived ideas about where I was going to leave my yellow paper this year, but found myself outside Tring zoological museum, and then inside the museum looking at lion and bat and turtle displays. I left the yellow paper on a bench between the bats and the turtles. If I had thought about it before I might have chosen a quotation from a more relevant book, but the one I had copied out was this:

There are all kinds of things that have no name and can't be described, really scary dreadful things that live in the mind and maybe you say, "They're only in the mind." Then suddenly you find that you yourself are in your mind with them and there's no escape. "Oh God! How did I get into my mind! Please, please let me out!" And God smiles and says, "Sorry, your mind is the only place there is."
from The Bear in Max Ernst's Bedroom

(The Moment Under the Moment)

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