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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Deena Omar 2007

For some reason, I got stuck in my own stillness on Sunday and spent the day re-reading most of Her Name was Lola and huge chunks of Pilgermann. The latter sent me into a strange dark space as it always does. On Monday, happily, my stillnesses blurred into motion. Can't resist Underground quotes - I love 'em, I sometimes feel like I live on the bloody London Underground, I'm in a long-term dysfunctional relationship with it. Here's my first quote:

Sometimes in the underground I close my eyes and the sound of the wheels on the rails and the surging and swaying of the carriage become the rolling passage in the darkness of my mind.
from The Bat Tattoo

This was left under a copy of Metro on a northbound Northern Line tube just before I got off at Kings Cross, and another copy of same was left tucked into the leaflet rack behind a leaflet about Oystercards.

My second choice was:

We are all of us a succession of stillnesses blurring into motion on the wheel of action.

from Fremder

One copy left on a pile of photocopy paper in my staff workroom, the other amongst leaflets in the waiting room of my audiology clinic where I went to get my hearing aid fixed (only the best people wear them, you know).

All had the sa4qe url, book title and Russ's name on them.

Seem to have wheels on my mind this year.

Both choices were partly inspired by Olaf's gorgeous graphics.

No idea if anyone found them.

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