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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Lara Hoffenberg 2007

Just to add my little bit to Lisa Greenstein's tale of our 2007 4qation .... I never thought I'd 4qate a gym! Never thought I'd be the kind of person who went to a gym, in fact. So the issue of what's-possible, what's-in-you-but-not-of-you, fascinates me at the moment. I left my yellow paper in a locker, between the mats stacked by the huge exercise balls, and hidden in the health-food menus. This was my choice for 2007:

'Think of it," his father used to say - "in a thousandfold dilution, the memory of a single drop of medicine persists and works its cure. Only the memory! In a single cell of a human being is the memory of the whole design. In each of us is the memory, however inaccessible, of the beginning of the universe. We are the memory of the dust of stars." He would press his forehead against Max's. "In you," he said, "there must be memories inherited from me. I know I have these from my father - black trees, the smell of snow, the sound of cossacks. Ravens."

from Her Name Was Lola

Happy birthday Russ!


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