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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Roland Clare 2007

SA4QE from Bristol ... Two texts left variously on a fence at the Sea Walls overlooking the Avon Gorge (above), and in other locations (see below).

The two quotations are close neighbours in Turtle Diary. Neither is the bit I was actually planning to use, which was the satirical tale of the rich shark-diver and his rubber-clad brothel experience: in the end I thought that was bit long for people to read in a high wind or a crowded shop.

Each new generation of children has to be told: ‘This is a world, this is what one does, one lives like this.’ Maybe our constant fear is that a generation of children will come along and say: ‘This is not a world, this is nothing, there’s no way to live at all.’

from Turtle Diary

It was one of those mornings when there suddenly seemed nothing whatever that could be taken for granted. I felt a stranger in my own head, as if the consciousness looking out through my eyes were some monstrous changeling. Here was the implacable morning light on all the books and litter that were always there but nothing was recognizable as having significance. What in the world was it all about, I found myself wondering.

from Turtle Diary
The other locations were:

among the 'forthcoming events' at the Redgrave Theatre ...

... in the loo at Bristol Zoo ...

... among the children's books for sale in the Zoo bookshop ...

... and fastened to a spavindy bench frequented by bird-watchers:

Here are some passers-by inspecting the Sea Walls 4qation.

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