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Monday, 4 February 2008

Daniel Potter 2008

I am one of Roland Clare's students. Here is my first SA4QE contribution.

actually he’s not properly a he and he’s nothing you could picture in your mind. what we’re talking about here is a space-time singularity which is in fact a neuron of the cosmic mind to which the universe has occurred. similarly the great snyukh is a simplification of a cusp of negative probability. once inverted it reverses its polarity and becomes an accelerator of event.

from The Medusa Frequency

Picador, London (1987), page 132

She spoke of Amerikanischer Imperialismus enchantingly and unmaliciously, and she finished each news item with a rising inflection in which one could hear her tidy small pleasure. Her voice made in the crackling and whispering of the evening airwaves a quiet place of its own. Knowing hardly any German I was able to let go of all comprehension so that she came to my ear naked, giving me, unvitiated by any surface meaning, the sound that signified only herself. Whenever she paused for breath I was shocked by the intimacy of it. It was just such a voice as the Vermeer girl might have spoken with.
from The Medusa Frequency

Picador, London (1987), page 78

Extracted from Mr Hoban’s sixth novel and dropped on the 4th February 2008 in celebration of his eighty-third birthday.

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