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Monday, 4 February 2008

Georgia Murley 2008

from The Medusa Frequency

“The world-child has been told that this is a world,” said the head, “and it believes it; it is the energy of this belief that binds the world together. The world-child holds in its mind the idea of every single thing: root and stone, tree and mountain, river and ocean and every living thing. The world-child holds in its mind the idea of woman and man, the idea of love.”

“Who told the world-child all this that it now believes?” I said.

“Each thing told itself to the world-child: the tree; the mountain; the ocean; the woman; the man. You and I, we have told ourselves to it.”

“And the idea of love? Who told that to the world-child?”

“It didn’t have to be told,” said the head. “This idea arises of itself from that energy of belief that keeps the mountains from exploding and the seas from going up in steam. It’s only a kind of cohesion that binds together possibilities that have spun together out of the blackness.”

Extracted from Mr Hoban’s novel and dropped on 4 February 2008 in celebration of his eighty-third birthday [visit for details]

Happy Birthday Russ!

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