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Monday, 5 January 2009

Welcome to the new SA4QE website

The SA4QE website has changed! In keeping with celebrations of recent days, out with the old and in with the new!

Out go the static pages, frames, funny graphics and limited navigation. The new site manages the large and complex content much better by the use of two key elements of Blogger software - cascading style sheets, which make things look better and more consistent, and the 'labels' feature which organises the quotes so they can be displayed by the user according to their preferred criteria, including date, book title, location and media (photos, videos and animations) as well as by contributor.

The site is also more interactive, allowing participants to contribute their quotes direct to the site via email, and add their own SA4QE photos and videos direct to the Flickr slideshow and YouTube widget respectively.

With the benefit of RSS, a Twitter feed and a FeedBurner email subscription facility, the site will also be easier and more fun to keep up with.

Whilst writing, don't forget that SA4QE 2009 is now less than a month away! If you haven't chosen your Russell Hoban quotes yet for dropping on 4th February, now's the time! Contribute

Full details of the new site features

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