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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ben Hennessy 2009

Hi all and happy Hoban Day - a fantastic site Gombert - well done...

two quotes

The night wore on and all the tigers danced now, old and young, the grown ones and the children.

They danced the moon dance and the shadow dance and the dance for the starlight and the glimmers on the river.

Under the hissing and humming of the moon, under the racing clouds they danced.

They danced the moon down low and pale into the morning. Some perhaps were moved to pity but they could not stop.

The dance was in them and they danced it.

From The Dancing Tigers

Harry looked for a knocker. There was no knocker. He looked for a letterslot. There was no letterslot.

There was no door-knob or handle. Harry looked for a keyhole.

When he found it he put his mouth to it and said, "How do I get in?"

A voice said, "Who is it?"

Harry said, "It's Harry."

"What do you want?" said the voice.

"Rain" said Harry.

"And very reasonable too," said the voice. "Only it's the line, you see. You'll have to draw it off."

"I'll bring a pencil," said Harry.

"Not that kind of a line," said the voice. "It's the roaring kind."

"Lion!" said Harry.

"That's what I said," said the voice. "He's much too close, you see. He's frightening my horse and I can't get these hoses screwed together."

Then Harry knew whose voice it was. "You'll have to open the door for me," he said.

"You'll have to say the right words," said the voice. "And this is the rain door, you know. Once you're in you won't get out till rain time."

"I'll have a go," said Harry.

The door opened.

from The Rain Door

all bes ben

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  1. Ben, I love the Dancing Tigers. I once heard RH read it to an audience of around 300 adults. They were (I was) absolutely entranced. Cheers,
    Mike Shuttleworth


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