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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Lindsay Edmunds 2009

I found this quotation around midnight last night:

The child by the window is not thinking of the brevity of life, the child has as yet no idea of it. Time! The child has all the time in the world, time to be intimately concerned with string and the space behind the sofa and the traffic of ants and beetles. There is a sadness in that too, in the child's not knowing how little time there is. Or is the sadness in our not knowing how much there is? Do we miss our grip on the moments of life, do we lose the time that we could find?

from The Moment Under the Moment

It was cold when I went out: 6F (-14C). I had to do another errand at the top of the day, and as I drove by places of commerce and apartment buildings, I wondered where in this world the quotation belonged. Finally, I put it on a low table by some comfortable sofas in the center of the big mall a few miles away. This is like putting it in the center of town.

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