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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Rowan Evans 2009


I've been working on an essay on Riddley Walker for the past few weeks; the book and two wonderful telephone conversations with Russ about his work have affected me greatly. This is one of my favourite of Riddley's meditations:

Seeds blow in the wind and what is earf but a deadness with life growing out of it? Rottin leaves and dead branches and naminal shit and that it all makes live earf on the dead groun and if you look at woodlings edge all roun the barrens youwl see the runty coming up where skin of earf growit back on nekkit groun. Nekkit groun what ben the bloody meat and boan of Bad Time covering its self with skin of earf and grass and woodlings. I thot: What ever it is its my groun. Here I stan.

from Riddley Walker, Chapter 17

Here are photos of two of the five locations I left yellow paper in: a patch of 'barrens' up on Brandon Hill near my school in Clifton and on one of the ornithological display cases in the Natural History section of Bristol City Museum. Happy Birthday Russ.

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