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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Random quote feature - feedback needed!

The little 'random quote' widget at the top left of all SA4QE site pages has proved popular since it was launched as part of the 2009 site overhaul.

Each time the user clicks the 'show another quote' link underneath the quote, or refreshes the page or navigates to a new page, a new quote as chosen from Russell Hoban's books by an SA4QE participant is displayed. Each quote is attributed to both participant and book.

The feature would be even better, however, if the participant's name and the book title were a link so that the visitor interested in the quote could find out more.

The webmaster wants to know where participants and other site users think the links should go. It seemed fairly clear initially that the participant's name should link to the specific post-page on which they chose the quote, but on reflection maybe the link should be to all of that person's 4qations instead? And should the book title link to all quotes chosen from that book by all participants, or a static page giving an outline of the book itself? Or do you have any another ideas?

Webmaster Gombert H. Yawncher comments, 'The main reason I'm asking for suggestions rather than making an executiv decision on this is that the site is used by people who care about Russell Hoban's work, and those people are also interested in getting his words out to a wider audience. The random quote feature is probably the most effective way of drawing the casual visitor further into the site, and therefore Hoban's books, so these links should be as helpful to those users as possible.

'The other reason for asking is that I can't spell "executive".'

You can share your suggestions using the comment feature below this post.

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  1. Excellent idea, I think. Nice one Gombert.

    For the book title link: perhaps going to a static page would have the advantage of avoiding minor spoilers. But then again, I've read quotes on here from books I haven't read, and nothing felt 'spoiling' -- I was just more eager to read them! Sorry, I can't decide now....


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