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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chris Bell 2010

Apologies for the delay in sending this through. As you’ll have seen from my Twitter tweets, that site is where I spent most of my 4 February this year — I’m attaching a screen-grab of one of my Twitter pages and, as you’ll notice, they’re mostly Hoban quotes.

With a two-year-old boy to mind at home, I don’t get out much any more. So a physical quote drop wasn’t possible. I decided to restrict my 2010 quotes exclusively to my favourite Hoban novel, Pilgermann, this year. Space permitting, I endeavoured to include links to the SA4QE website on my tweets. I also re-tweeted other 4Qations on Twitter like a madman.

Here’s a screen-grab from my Facebook page, too.

[image redacted for copyright reasons]

The sword has crumbled into rust and the wind has blown the rust away but still I am, still I am of the world.
- from Pilgermann

I also posted a Pilgermann quote to my blog, NZBC.

[image redacted for copyright reasons]

This is probably my favourite Hoban sentence of all. Russ’s voice radiates from it; instantly recognisable, incontrovertibly beautiful. I 4Qated it before, in 2002, but it’s so good it bears repeating.

Twilight it was, the dying day shivering a little and huddling itself up in its cloak. Suddenly there came flying towards me with a mouse dangling from its beak, an owl, what is called a veiled owl, with a limp mouse dangling from its cryptic heart-shaped face.
- from Pilgermann

What a great year for 4Qating it was — there was a real buzz on Twitter and Facebook, and it was fun watching the Twitter ‘ticker’ on the SA4QE home page to see who else was 4Qating.

Well being,

Chris Bell
New Zealand


  1. Please can you explain where you got my copyrighted image of Russell Hoban from that appears on your website.


    John Carey

  2. Hi John,

    The image in this blog post is a screenshot of the original post by Chris Bell on a blog which is now defunct. The Facebook image is a screenshot of Chris's post on his FB account of that blog post which used the photo as a thumbnail. Chris bought a print of the photo direct from you.

    No infringment was intended - this is a fan site and the Russell Hoban community love your portrait. Nonetheless I'm very sorry if you feel your copyright has been infringed and I will remove the screenshot from this site.

    Kind regards,
    Richard - Webmaster

  3. I forgot to add that Chris also linked to your site from his original blog post.



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