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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lindsay Edmunds 2010

I put a quotation up on my blog, tweeted a couple more, and wrote one more on yellow paper, which I left in a bookstore cafe:
The electric light changed a lot of things. It was an Irish writer, maybe Padraic Colum but I'm not sure, who said that traditional story-telling had to do with the circle of the firelight and the night all round. When electricity banished the night something was lost.
from "The Bear in Max Ernst's Bedroom,"
The Moment Under the Moment

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  1. Thanks, Lindsay!

    It's good to draw attention to that collection of quirky pieces of all sorts and styles (even a drama, of course) - and sometimes the titles are even more quirky still!

    (I also have a lot of time for Max Ernst's work, so it's good to give him a plug.)



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