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Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Other Voyce Owl of the Worl - SA4QE special for 11/11/10

Riddley Walker 30th anniversary special
There wer the Other Voyce Owl of the Worl. He sat in the worl tree larfing in his front voyce only his other voyce wernt larfing his other voyce wer saying the sylents. He had a way of saying them. He said them wide and far where he begun them he said them tyny when they come close. He kep saying the sylents like that in his other voyce and when he done it the sylents wer swallering up the souns of the worl then the owl wer swallering the sylents.

No 1 knowit he wer doing it. He wer trying to swaller all the souns of the worl then there wunt be no mor worl becaws every thing wud foller the soun of its self in to the sylents then it wud be gone. What the owl had in mynd wer to get it all swallert then fly a way.

No 1 knowit what the owl wer doing only a kid. He dint have no eyes he lissent all the time. When he heard the owl saying the sylents in his other voyce he heard the sylents swallering up the souns of the worl littl and big from the wind sying in the trees to the ants crying in their hoals. The kid knowit the owl wer trying to say the woal worl a way and he knowit it wer on him to stop the owl so he begun to lissen every thing back.

He kep them souns safe til the day stood up. Then the kid unheard the souns and they gone back where they livet. The kid were larfing at the owl but the owl dint know it he thot he done a good nites work. He sat in the worl tree grooling and smarling all day thinking he wud get the woal worl gone only he never done it.

from Riddley Walker, Chapter 11, p82-83

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