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Friday, 5 November 2010

Riddley Walker special SA4QE today - post your quotes

Russell Hoban with Punch head
(2005 photo: Lisa Greenstein)

Today marks the unofficial 30th birthday of Riddley Walker, Russell Hoban's magnificent 1980 novel.

To celebrate, SA4QE is inviting fans of the book to share your favourite quotes with your friends and complete strangers alike.

The traditional method is to write your quote on a sheet of paper (yellow if you can get it) and leave it in a public place for others to chance upon, while with the power of social media you can also post your quote as your Facebook status update, tweet it on Twitter or post it on your blog.

Any quotes that the SA4QE webmaster picks up either by chance or design will be replicated on this site, so if you'd rather not leave it to chance please post your quote as a comment on this very post below or email it to sa4qemail [at] gmail [dot] com

This site will be updated throughout the day, so keep an eye on it and also on the Twitter feed.

If you're looking for inspiration see this wonderful article on Riddley Walker by author David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas etc) on the Guardian site, written especially for the 2005 Hoban convention.

See also this post for more useful Riddley Walker info and links.


  1. ...You cud get jus the fayntes glimmer of what it musve ben to be the Puter Leat [the computer elite?]. To have them boats in the air which they callit them space craf and them picters on the wind which that wer viddyo and going out beyond the sarvering gallack seas [the sovereign galaxies]. Not jus singing it you know. Acturely going it acturely roading out thru space.

    This quotation is part of my blog this week, which started out being about something else and ended up being about RIDDLEY.
    Am I right about the meaning of Puter Leat?



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