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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Roland Clare November 2010

Riddley Walker 30th anniversary special
This was the first time I've ever 4quated in the dark and the driving rain; the photographs below reflect all that Novembering.

I said, 'No 1 ever starts his self.'

He said, 'Yes they do. You dont start the life in you thats like a rivver running in you stil there comes a time when you push your oan boat out in to the middl of it.'

(page 182)

Roland Clare SA4QE November 2010 1

Behind the grille that protects the glass of a very distinctively run-down, military memorabilia shop that has finally folded after occupying a conspicuous corner-site near the centre of Bristol for a good sixty years

Roland Clare SA4QE November 2010 2

Similarly, my Riddley quotation peeping from behind a grid: here it's in front of some posh offices built inside a mediaeval building, St Bartholomew's Hospital, in the centre

Roland Clare SA4QE November 2010 3

A longer shot of the same

Roland Clare SA4QE November 2010 4

Self-explanatory ... lots of people will have seen this one, I imagine

Roland Clare SA4QE November 2010 5

The old telephone-box gambit is getting a bit hackneyed by now ... though the boxes are getting harder and harder to find

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