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Friday, 4 February 2011

Olaf Schneider 2011

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The painting of the tiny, tiny dancing giants in the dim red caverns of sleep: the words alone make you want to lean against a wall.
- from Angelica Lost and Found
The title of the mysterious painting sounds like a magic potion. I have no clear opinion about the meaning of the words but they suggest something primordial, something not-yet-there but somehow beyond time, something of great power, a consciousness not aware of itself. However, the words have a strong impact on me and I feel exactly like Jim the psychiatrist, who says these words in Chapter 61 'Mental Jimnastics'.

Happy 86th birthday, Russell Hoban!
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  1. This is beautiful. You have so much talent. Lindsay

  2. Was wäre SA4QE ohne deine Animationen! Genau so habe ich mir die tiny tiny dancing giants immer vorgestellt. Super!


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