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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Stephanie Payton 2011

I am a senior at California Lutheran University and I decided to participate in SA4QE day and have left A4 paper around campus. The first is at a professor’s door:

What ben makes tracks for what wil be. Words in the air pirnt foot steps on the groun for us to put our feet in to.
- from Riddley Walker

The other is in a bathroom stall:

I exist, said the mirror.
What about me? said Kleinzeit.
Not my problem, said the mirror.
- from Kleinzeit

This was also posted to Facebook.

I am so excited to participate!

- Stephanie Payton

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  1. Welcome to SA4QE, Stephanie. Your quotes are wonderful and you've found excellent places for them both!

    Best, Yvonne


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