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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Roland Clare 2012

A quick report on a gruelling afternoon SA4QEing in snowy Bristol.

I posted this quotation:
‘… theres something in us it don't have no name […] Its looking out thru our eye hoals … Its all 1 girt thing bigger nor the worl and lorn and loan and oansome. Tremmering it is and feart. It puts us on like we put on our cloes. Some times we dont fit. Some times it cant fynd the arm hoals and it tears us a part. I dont think I took all that much noatis of it when I ben yung. Now Im old I noatis it mor. It don't realy like to put me on no mor. Every morning I can feal how its tiret of me and readying to throw me a way […] We aint a naturel part of it, We dint begin when it begun we dint begin where it begun. It ben here befor us nor I don't know what we are to it. May be weare jus only sickness and a feaver to it or boyls on the arse of it I don't know.'
 - from Riddley Walker

at the Arnolfini café:

at the Colston Hall:

and a gloomy staff workroom at Bristol Grammar School:

I also posted three quotations from Soonchild (I hope that is not contrary to the spirit of SA4QE, since the publication date is so close!):

… the living are the link between the dead and the unborn and the dead have to work all the time to pass along to the unborn all the things they're going to need […] maybe you think you're doing it all by yourself but it's the dead working in you. They simply have no rest, the dead. Life is hard and death is hard, nothing is easy.

- from Soonchild

at The Lord Mayor's Chapel [on the monument to Lady Margaret, 1610–35, wife of Sir Baynham Throkmorton]:

at Bristol Guild of Applied Art:

and Fopp Records and Books (top of report).

Inclement weather put paid to my slightly ambitious plan to paint the A4 yellow, just where it comes into Bristol from Bath. Maybe another year …

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