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Monday 1 January 2001

Taking part in SA4QE

You are very welcome to take part in SA4QE. There are very few (if any) rules, but the following forms something of a guideline to 4qating 4 Beginners. If you've already chosen your quotes and would just like to know how to get them to appear on this website, skip to the next bit.

1) Select your quote from the works of Russell Hoban.

2) Write (or type, print, etc) the quote on a piece of paper of your choice (the standard stock is yellow A4, but whatever takes your fancy, really - as Kleinzeit said, 'Cigarette papers? Backs of envelopes?').

3) Generally it helps to add 'SA4QE' to the sheet, so any curious finders of the quote can discover more about the event, but this is not obligatory.

4) Add any other information (e.g. your contact details, a birthday message etc) to taste.

5) There is no point 5.

6) Point 6 has been lost.

7) This point is under review.

8) Select the spot where you'd like to leave your quote.

9) On SA4QE day, leave your chosen quote in your chosen location. Please bear in mind SA4QE founder Diana Slickman's original guidelines: "I am a vehement hater of litter, so I would recommend leaving it someplace rather than just dropping it on the ground - a seat on the train, a table in the library, in the elevator at work, along with a tip for your waiter ..."

10) If you wish, take a photo of the quote in situ.

11) Congratulations! To use the correct terminology, your quote is now a 4qation. You have 4qated. You are a 4qater.

12) Walk away and fondly contemplate your 4qation, perhaps in a coffee shop, public house or bookstore of your choice.

13) Feel free to disregard any or all of the above (especially points 5-7). We encourage the use of real sheets of paper left in real places, but by all means tweet your quote (with the hashtag #sa4qe) or post it as your Facebook status. If you're feeling even more adventurous, there is nothing stopping you from, say, handing out yellow paper quotes to strangers, covering the Empire State Building in yellow paper quotes or turning yourself into a walking, talking, living yellow paper quote. Indeed, using your imagination is encouraged. Just please be kind to the environment and bear in mind that the officers of SA4QE and Russell Hoban's agents disclaim any responsibility for any trouble you might get into as a result of any such behaviour.

How to post your quotes to this website

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