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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Malgorzata Snigurowicz 2012

The above location was outside the Pałac Kultury i Nauki [Palace of Culture and Science]:

There must be a lot of people in the world being wondered about by people who don't see them anymore.
- from Turtle Diary

This piece was left in the Warsaw underground:

I said, "Yes it mus be hard for you with no eyes, you can't even see what youre going in to." He said, "No 1 can. Onlyes diffrents is them with eyes they think they can."
- from Riddley Walker

The third one was on a telephone booth at ul. Foksal [Foksal Street]. By the way, the street was originally named after Vauxhall in London - isn't that a coincidence? 

Some times theres mor in the emty paper nor there is when you get the writing down on it. You try to word the big things and they tern ther backs on you. 
- from Riddley Walker

All the photos were taken in Warsaw, though I don't live there, I was just visiting a friend. In return, she gave me a dog she had found a week earlier. Now that I think about it I should've named him Russell or Riddley - it's all somehow connected in my head. It was freezing cold, so running around the town with yellow paper was somehow extreme, but I couldn't give up!

The slips were spread around Warsaw, but it's Opole where I'm from and where the whole idea of taking part came into being (also where RH's books were read).

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