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Monday, 4 February 2002

Tim Haillay 2002

Kong with his teddy-bear fur is a fifty-foot tall idea even if the reality was only eighteen inches high. Kong lives.


The University of Sussex Library, Falmer, Brighton was the grateful recipient of 10 yellow A4 sheets containing the above quote.

It could have been anything really, from any page in any book, essay etc. It is interesting to note though how early the Kong fixation appeared in print.. Neaera H.’s entry, Chap. 26 “Death of the oyster-catchers...” wonderful stuff...

There have already been two interested parties prior to Monday who had never heard of Hoban and Turtle Diary apart from the awful film with Ben Kingsley and Glenda Jackson!! Oh for the words!!

The wastebins/trashcans!! were emptied this morning without yellow contents, so unless bins from further afield were the proud owners of the offending sheets, ten cranial worlds are now kongful...

Thanks to Diana for getting the ball rolling....


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