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Tuesday, 4 February 2003

Lindsay Edmunds 2003

The day started out dark, with lashing rain, as I drove around on my SA4QE mission. I chose three quotations:


Dream: a rushing in the air behind the visible world.

Trains run through the center of old town Gaithersburg at all hours. At night the whistles sound lonesome, the way they do. There is much rushing of air at the train station, and a huge, unreal-looking antique locomotive on a sidetrack. I left this quotation on a bench in the ticket office/waiting room.


The waves were silver under the moon, the spray flew up from the rocks on either side of the harbour entrance, there was a beacon on the headland. The champagne tasted like clear and bubbling bright new mornings without end.

Great Beginnings is a Gaithersburg store that, like Turtle Diary, concerns itself with launching. At Great Beginnings you see dozens of model nursery rooms, each one emanating hope and happiness for the new life it is meant to contain. I left this lovely quotation on a chest of drawers in one display that caught my eye.


Come, I said to the self inside me, come out and take your chance.

If you don't go to health clubs regularly, you may not be aware that they are places of great introspection. It is normal to arrive, exercise, and leave without saying two words to anyone. People are in communion with the machines, the weights, and their own private selves. So I left this quotation at Fitness First in Germantown, MD, in a locker.

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