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Tuesday, 4 February 2003

Sophia Fabre 2003

Hello everyone, here's what i did for SA4QE2...

At Embrun which is an old Roman city a bit like Canterbury (Ambry is it?), there is a wonderful ex-cathedral which has a gothic porch called the Réal, because it was built by Charles VIII of France in the late 15th century. So i put my yellow paper just inside the great oak doors with two quotes - firstly:


Gislebertus was addicted to stone - he could not leave it alone. Every time he found an empty space of stone he had to let in Heaven and Hell. He was like Thelonious Monk with a chisel and mallet.

i had to put a bit of my RW in too, and since i am dedicated to the Owl and theres a lot of owlishness going on i put this bit:


There wer the Other Voyce Owl of the Worl. He sat in the worl tree larfing in his front voyce only his other voyce wernt larfing his other voice wer saying the sylents. He had a way of saying them. He said them wide and far where he begun them he said them tyny when they come close. He kep saying the sylents like that in his other voice and when he done it the sylents were swallering up the souns of the worl then the owl were swallerin the sylents. No 1 knowit he were doing it. He wer trying to swaller all the souns of the worl then there wunt be no mor worl becaws every thing wud foller the soun of its self in to the sylents then it wud be gone. what the owl had in mynd were to get it all swallert then fly a way.

No 1 knowit what the owl wer doing onlya kid. He dint have no eyes he lissent all the time. The kid knowit the owl wer trying to say the woal worl away and he knowit wer on him to stop the owl so he begun to lissen every thing back. The kid unheard the souns and they gone back where they livet. The kid were larfing at the owl but the owl dint know it he thot he done a good nites work. But that owl he keaps trying tho dont he. And hewl do it one day too. All it takes is for no 1 to be lissening every thing back. Hewl go the worl away and his self with it and thatwl be the end of it. But may be not for a wyl yet.

So i lissened a bit in the cathedral and was looking for the owl and i think he was there in the silence, because i know owls. Then i picked up my backpack and i thought i better hitch hike back to my house and i gave a copy of my paper to the guy who picked me up, though he was french ; but i told him that the websites were cool :-)

i'm glad there was an owl on the wine.

happy birthday and good lissening Russ,

soph, unhearing the sylents

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