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Wednesday, 4 February 2004

Kerry Power 2004

It has taken me a little while to my quote post this year, but here it is.....

I decided to choose a quote from Fremder for SA4QE 2004 after reading it again in 2003. It is a great book - and underrated! I was happy and surprised to later find that the quote has made appearances in each of the previous SA4QE events. I guess over the years we Krakenites may have to begin monitoring the most quotable quotes. This quote has now made appearances in the USA, Europe and Australia at least!

As per previous years on February 4th, during lunch hour at work, I wandered down to nearby Parliament Station in Melbourne and left the yellow A4 on a seat on Platform 4.

More and more I find life is a series of disappearances followed usually but not always by reappearances; you disappear from your morning self and reappear as your afternoon self; you disappear from feeling good and reappear feeling bad. And people, even face to face and clasped in each other's arms, disappear from each other.

- from Fremder
page 32

See you again next year!

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