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Wednesday, 4 February 2004

Roland Clare 2004

My chosen quotation for the 2004 SA4QE was from Fremder (the novel I'm working on with my Sixth-form class, several of whom witnessed my hasty 2003 entry):

Each of us is only the voice through which the moment speaks the action of the here-and-gone.
from Fremder

One sheet was fastened inside the front door of the Clifton Bookshop in Whiteladies Road, Bristol UK:

No specially Fremder-like shops presented themselves but I did drop one sheet conveniently close to a tray of shrimpy-prawny sort of creatures at the splendid Fish Works nearby ... I was thinking Pythia at the time.

It started to work almost straight away...

Gom Yawncher himself kindly agreed to distribute the rest of my yellow sheets, tucked among the pages of the Big Issue he was selling:

So let's hope folks get some mystification and pleasure from all this ... and a Happy Russmas to one and all!

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