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Wednesday, 4 February 2004

Olaf Schneider 2002-2004

Interactive animations inspired by Russell Hoban writings

NOTE: Be sure to have the sound turned on for these Flash animations, and to give them a few moments to load. All open in a new window as they are hosted externally. You need to have installed Flash version 5 or later to view them. If you don't, download it for free.

Enjoy! - Olaf

Full moon spring tide turtle wind
An evocative extract from Turtle Diary. The Chopin nocturne of animated Hoban quotes.

Wheel of Action
A quote from Fremder with the words animated by a Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction. Be warned, this is very science-fiction-like...

The rolling passage in the darkness of my mind
As thought by Sarah Varley on an Underground journey in The Bat Tattoo. Complete with authentic London Underground soundtrack.

"This is your life"
From the "Memory's Arrow" chapter of Amaryllis Night and Day.

Aristaeus's Story on the potsherds
"Broken pieces want to come together," said the brain, "they want to contain something..."

Another delightful piece from The Medusa Frequency.

Three o'clock in the purple-blue morning
An atmospheric extraction from The Medusa Frequency.

The Flickering
Flicker-film by Gösta Kraken, from Fremder and (in part) The Medusa Frequency.

What a convenience
One of my (many) favourite quotations from The Medusa Frequency.

Golden Windows Homeward
Video sequence from the Turtle Diary film with text from The Medusa Frequency.

The Mouse and His Child Dance
A short film of the original wind-up toy used by Russ at his lecture to the San Diego State University on October 17, 1990.

An animation based on an excerpt from The Medusa Frequency.

Who left the yellow paper?
Inspired by the hibiscus light of The Marzipan Pig.

An animated Fremder cover
Animation of Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction placed on Fremder book cover; accompanied by Chopin’s Mazurka in A Minor, Opus 67, No. 4. Unfortunately it’s not the Ilse Bak recording...

The District Line at Notting Hill Gate
“A poem at its place” from The Last of the Wallendas.

Yellow paper virtually dropped by Olaf at Notting Hill Gate tube station, London.

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