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Friday, 4 February 2005

Antti Savela 2005

Feb 4 2005. Cold day. Windy.

It was a very special day. My first SA4QE. I was eager as a child.

The first yellow paper was placed on the rail of the bridge, crossing the river of Umea.

"I can see the bubbles but I can't hear any music," said Big John.
"Neither can I," said Jim, "but I know what I'm playing".
"Is it happy or sad?" said Big John.
"Sad," said Jim.
"That's funny," said Big John, "the bubbles look happy."

from Jim Frog

The second yellow paper was placed on the wall of a barn.

Small, Smaller

I thought that I knew all there was to know
of being small, until I saw once, black against the snow,
a shrew, trapped in my footprint, jump and fall
and jump again and fall, the hole too deep, the walls too tall.

from The Pedalling Man

Happy Birthday Russ!

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