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Friday, 4 February 2005

Paul Gough 2005

I've been a fan of Russell since I discovered Riddley Walker by accident in a 2nd hand book store in 1988 and became obsessed after that. Especially after Kleinzeit.

I could go on at length....I remember reading about SA4QE and then promptly forgetting, only to be chuffed when at my local fruit shop in Sydney in 2002 or 2003, I found a page with a quote from Kleinzeit. Basically I was hurrying home after shopping at the Broadway Shopping Centre and it was stuck to a pylon. I can recall that when I saw it I was aware of SA4QE and I left it there for others to enjoy too. The exact quote shall remain unknown, a part of the waves and particles of words that float endlessly on.

Each year I've tried to remember to participate and FINALLY! this year I'm on the money.

So, this morning, I purchased 10 fresh yellow A4 pages. I work for the ABC (sister to the BBC) and I ended up putting 5 copies at work, 3 near lift entrances but the other 2 which may be unspotted for a while are a series of 'Emergency Buidling Exit' signs. Imagine 3 laminated A4 cards in a plastic wall bracket close to the entrance of an office space, one is coloured white, one red and one yellow. I slipped the yellow A4 in the place of the other one and given most people probably ignore it, eventually it will hit them. Perhaps some observant people will notice straight off the bat.

Of the other 5 I put one in a local bank who uses yellow as it's main colour, it lasted 1 minute before an eager employee picked it up at took it inside the security area! I placed one in a supermarket near my kids' school, and also put one in Summer Hill in memory of Judy Tihany, who I never knew, though I know the music of Mic Conway.

I'll try and send you a photo of them. I've chosen a selection of quotes - as I'm in the middle of moving house, the books aren't easy to find. I chose some quotes that have been already used, but I loved. The only Hoban book not packed was The Medusa Frequency, I used one quote "Being is not a steady state..." [probably my favourite] but wanted to choose something else as well. I settled for this:

There's no end to me, no limit, no way to define or measure me, no way of knowing what I am or how much of me there is.

There is an endless surging and undulating of me, an endless cycle of ebb and flow; that is called the sea. Little moments of me have lines drawn before and after and these moments are given names like Orpheus and Eurydice and they become stories. But I am wordless, heaving in the ocean night of me, stirring in the dark trees, breathing in and breathing out my soul.

from The Medusa Frequency

Sorry to ramble. Just wanted to finally say hi and thanks for the site and I hope you enjoy the Some-Poasyum next weekend.



P.S. I create abstract electronic music under the name pimmon, my first CD was called 'Waves and Particles'. One track was called 'the black that we crave', but out of context I think some people were a little unsure of what I meant. I wrote to Russell via email around 1999 and got a very nice reply and I sent a CD of some early work. I'm sure it wasn't to his liking, but I just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful creative output that has given me a jolt quite often.

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