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Friday, 4 February 2005

Val Bucknall 2005

It was my first adventure in SA4QE. I took four sheets to Bromley High Street, leaving one on a chair in the Chinese restaurant where we had lunch, one in Bromley library next to a computer, another on a wooden seat in the shopping mall, and one in Smiths, propped up among modern novels. The quote for each was the following:

‘Speak to me,’ I said to Christ. ‘Speak to me as the son of God. Tell me something.’

‘I have nothing to say,’ said Christ. ‘This is all there is.’

‘But meaning,’ I said, ‘there must be meaning.’

‘Reality has no meaning,’ said Christ, ‘it is only itself. I am only myself; I am an image carved in stone. Gilbertus hoc fecit.’

‘That is not a good enough answer,’ I said. ‘You’re being evasive. Ideas are part of reality. There came to me the idea to travel here to see you and it meant something to me.’

‘What?’ said Christ.

‘I don’t know. That’s what I’m asking you.’

‘I don’t know what this idea meant; sometimes people say they’ve come to see me when they really want to see someone or something else. Maybe God knows.’

‘Are you saying there is a God?’

No answer.

… As I turned to start down the hill the bells shouted, ‘There is a God! Believe us!’

I waved goodbye without turning round…

from The Bat Tattoo

Happy Birthday to Russell Hoban, 80 years old on 4.2.05

I was not able to wait and see if there were any responses, but I enjoyed doing it.

I am looking forward to next weekend's adventures now! Thanks to Russell Hoban for the reason to celebrate.

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