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Saturday, 4 February 2006

Billy Frugal 2006

SA4QE 2006 was my first. I was working that day, helping to run a tree planting holiday in the Pennines, and my SA4QE action consisted of showing the participants my quote and getting them to add their thoughts to the yellow paper. The quote was:

Those of us who think about the empty spaces tend to paint pictures, write books, or compose music. There are many talented people who never will become painters, writers or composers; the talent is in them but not the empty spaces where art happens.

from Amaryllis Night and Day

My three favorite responses were these:

1. To experience empty space, is to sit fully present in the moment, witnessing, accepting the experience as it is, nothing to change, nothing to do, exept allow the out-breath of the moment, and the in-breath of the next moment: a place where we can tuly experience our connectedness to the one-ness and perfection of the ever-unfolding nature of love exploring itself.

2. What do people do with empty spaces? They fill 'em up of course. They can't leave them alone. Images, stories, sounds do the job nicely.

3. Maybe their talent is in connection with people, challenging injustice, making friends, changing lives, planting trees, making waves, laughing and loving and living life to the ultimate!! Empty spaces are good too, but you might use them just to have a bath, hug your child, do yoga or walk in the countryside.

Cheers for a great day.

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