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Saturday, 4 February 2006

Hugh Bowden 2006

Saturday not being a working day (if the division between working and non-working days means anything for academics expected to publish, and therefore to have things worth publishing, and therefore to keep thinking about what is worth writing more or less all the time - other academics on the list will nod in agreement; everyone else will say, 'what on earth is he complaining about? He could always get a real job,' an argument it is difficult convincingly to refute) I was not restricted to SA4Quating in central London as I have for the last two years. But various matters prevented me from roaming too far from home, and anyway, the good people of Finsbury Park might benefit from my spreading the word on yellow paper.

This year I felt that I wanted something musical, so the word on yellow paper was this:

As we watched me tumbling over and over in frozen stillness she advanced the audio beam to its next track and The Art of Fugue, performed by Marie-Claire Alain, came stalking into the room on its centuries-high legs. It was as if Bach had with spells and numbers called forth some cosmic monster that would eat me up, eat up the world with its implacable and insatiable logic.

from Fremder

Someone down the road sings in a choral society, and she advertises concerts by tying posters (A4) to a tree on the pavement, in thin plastic covers. I thought that my contribution would fit there well, so that is where it went, with yesterday's date and the SA4QE URL at the bottom.

An Hugh Bis

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