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Saturday, 4 February 2006

Lindsay Edmunds 2006

Dear Krakes,

The weather is stormy in Pennsylvania -- snow by tonight -- and I am just back from SA4Qation 2006. This year's quotation is from The Moment Under the Moment:

We make stories because we are story. The fabric of our myths and folk-tales is in us from before birth. The action systems of the universe are the origin of life and stories. The pattern of blue-green algae and the numinous wings of the Great Nebula in Orion and the runic scrawl of human chromosomes are stories.

from Household Tales
(The Moment under The Moment)

Underneath the quotation I wrote:

Today is the 81st birthday of Pennsylvania-born writer Russell Hoban. He lives in London now; he still writes books. Some fans of his work celebrate his birthday each year by leaving quotations from his books in random places -- all over the world.

Our story is here:

I left the quotation on a cafe table in a big Barnes & Noble bookstore. It seemed right.

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