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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Demarnia 2007

I went for a walk up to Castle Rock, on a hill near my house (Christchurch, New Zealand), to deliver my sa4qe quotes. It was a strangely luxurious 3 hr hike with lots of cicada-filled pauses, a beautiful day, I got a wee bit sunburned on the arms, socks full of grass seeds and a sore knee from an ambitious path abandonement. The quote I chose was:

If the human mind is still evolving, as I believe it is, if our mind/soul capacity is still developing, then the pattern of our mental intake and sorting and storing is not static but changing. It may well be that we shall learn to let go rather than hold on, that we shall become capable of being with the world rather than attempting to consume it... we must find in ourselves the shapes of letting go because we're not free to become what we're going to be next until we let go of what we are now.

from The Moment under the Moment

I left copies in two different miniature cave-like hollows in the rocks, and it is fairly likely noone will find them quickly, but they are in envelopes, sheltered from wind and rain and held down with rocks (but still visible), so should survive a fair while.

As a small bit of attached coincidence - on my return to flat land I showed my partner the quote, and he said he had been having a conversation that afternoon along very similar lines.

All good, thanks for the general enthusiasm, it makes me grin.

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