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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Nicole Paluszek 2007

Well a lot of things didn't quite go according to plan but hopefully there will be some positive effect from it all. I found out I was flat broke so I couldn't afford to go buy some yellow A4 and ended up using a purple 5x8 legal pad I had lying around. At least they'll get noticed!

I dont have nothing only words to put down on paper. Its so hard. Some times theres mor in the emty paper nor there is when you get the writing down on it. You try to word the big things and they tern ther backs on you. Yet youwl see stanning stoans and ther backs wil talk to you.

from Riddley Walker

Lorna said to me, 'You know Riddley theres some thing in us it dont have no name.'
I said, 'What thing is that?'
She said, 'Its some kind of thing it aint us but yet its in us. Its looking out thru our eye hoals. May be you dont take no noatis of it only some times. Say you get woak up suddn in the middl of the nite. 1 minim youre a sleap and the nex youre on your feet with a spear in your han. Wel it wernt you put that spear in your han it wer that other thing whats looking out thru your eye hoals. It aint you nor it don't even know your name. Its in us lorn and loan and sheltering how it can.'

from Riddley Walker

Sometimes I think that this whole thing, this whole business of a world that keeps waking itself up and bothering to go on every day, is necessary only as a manifestation of the intolerable. The intolerable is like H.G. Wells's invisible man, it has to put on clothes in order to be seen. So it dresses itself up in a world. Possibly it looks in a mirror but my imagination doesn't go that far. --William G.

from Turtle Diary

I had a salad. If I were to say that today's tomatoes were an index of the decline of Western man I should be thought a crank but nations do not, I think, ascend on such tomatoes. -- Neaera H.
from Turtle Diary

A turtle doesn't have to decide every morning whether to keep on bothering, it just carries on. Maybe that's why man kills everything: envy. --William G.

from Turtle Diary

Neither the library nor Borders had anything Hoban in stock (how scandalous!!) for me to draw quotes from except for a few Frances booklets, which I read on the spot, and frankly, to my surprise, unlike anything else by Hoban I've read before, I thought they were schlock, not eligible for quoting anything from. So I left Kailua-Kona and went back home and pulled some quotes, five in all, off Dave Awl's website, from the Riddley and Turtle books, and pinned them to power poles along my street in Honaunau.

For the sake of suspense/curiosity all I added is the SA4QE URL.



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