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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Frances Patterson 2007

I discovered SA4QE for the first time only a few days before February 4th. But I thought this quote was a good one, especially considering that I got my name from these books. My parents were elementary teachers and really liked Frances the Badger.

"I wish I had a friend," said Gloria.
"I thought Ida was your friend," said Frances.
"Ida is away at camp," said Gloria, "and when she is here she only wants to play dolls or tea party. She never wants to catch frogs or play ball."
"Can you catch frogs?" asked Frances.
"I use Father's old hat," said Gloria. "Shall I show you how?"
"Later," said Frances. "Do you want to play ball?"
"All right," said Gloria.
"If any boys come, they can't play," said Frances, "and I think I will be your friend now."
"How can a sister be a friend?" said Gloria.
"You'll see," said Frances.
"For frogs and ball and tea parties and dolls?" said Gloria.
"Yes," said Frances.

from Best Friends for Frances

I put it on a chair in the Fine Arts building on campus here in Omaha, Nebraska.


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