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Friday, 4 February 2005

Alida Allison 2005

HAPPY 80th birthday, RUSSELL HOBAN

Feb. 4, 2005

Quotes from two of his many books:

Sometimes I am astonished that there should be buildings built and institutions maintained to string out the brevity of human life over successive generations; trees don't do that, they just hold on to the darkness and accept the light night after night and day after day without pretensions to permanence.
from The Bat Tattoo, London: Bloomsbury, 2002, p. 60

~ ~ ~ ~

The almost-full moon rises and looks down on the banks and ditches of the hill-fort, the labial configurations at either end meant to baffle invaders or possibly honour the white goddess. Despite the paling of the sky the stars are clearly visible, brighter than in London. Burning and flickering, they send their light down from before the age of dinosaurs, the Babylonian exile, the fall of Rome, the sack of Jerusalem.

from Her Name Was Lola, London: Bloomsbury, 2003, p. 91

Here are the photos of strategic yellow paper placements. Only one needs a bit of explanation - Feb. 4 we had a big Children's Theater Festival on my campus at which children's books were being sold. You can see some Frances titles--I had great fun slipping yellow paper into the books as a surprise for those wise enough to buy Hoban books. The other sites are on campus, too.

Best, alida

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