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Friday, 4 February 2005

Ra McGuire 2005

I am proud to add Canada (and specifically White Rock, BC) to the list of locations that have been 4Qated.

I am also proud of myself for getting it together this year to celebrate Mr. H's Birthday with this wonderful activity.

My quote is:

Being is not a steady state but an occulting one: we are all of us a succession of stillnesses blurring into motion on the wheel of action, and it is in those spaces of black between the pictures that we find the heart of the mystery in which we are never allowed to rest.

from Fremder

It was left on beautiful White Rock Beach (in a protective ziplock bag) this afternoon, just before the heavy rain broke through and soaked myself and my wife. I've changed my pants and dried out ... but the grin remains on my face.

There are pictures on my flickr pages, here and here. They are identified only as SA4QE2005-1 and SA4QE2005-2, which, hopefully, will deepen the mystery.

Would love to attend the convention ... if someone could send me a free plane ticket!

Happy Birthday, Russ and best wishes to all the members of The Kraken.

Ra McGuire

White Rock BC


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