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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ruth Bosch November 2010

Riddley Walker 30th anniversary special
Trubba not

As is often the case I have no copy of Riddley Walker, having given  mine away again. The last one, bought mere moments before at the fall festival library sale up the street, went to the woman standing next to me in line as we waited for pumpkin doughnuts and cider. We were watching radiant and victorious pumpkin doughnut eaters come away from the tent. The line itself was a half-hour project so there was  time to get acquainted. My companion was wearing a shirt with a bat logo and the name "Alternative Tentacles". When I admired it she pointed out that the decorative border around the bat was actually a pattern of overlapping tentacles. I just gave her Riddley Walker immediately and tried to describe and do justice to my experience of Russ's books, including bats and tentacles. She was gracious and did not move away.  All of this is to say that "Trubba Not" was the quote I was sure of in my bookfree condition, left in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts with gratitude.

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