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Friday, 11 March 2011

SA4QE exclusive - Russell Hoban's 86th birthday portrait by Mike Tsang

Russell Hoban, 4/2/11, by Mike Tsang

SA4QE is delighted to receive an email from photographer Mike Tsang offering an exclusive portrait of Russell Hoban, taken at the writer's home on his 86th birthday last month.

As our intrepid correspondent @AliB68 reported, her delivery of The Kraken community's birthday gift was concluded a few minutes before the photographer was due to arrive to take the picture, for a feature called "Dreams of Literature" in the decidedly trendy magazine Glass. "Russell is featured there along with Junot Diaz, Liz Calder and Isabel Allende," comments Mike, adding that the photo attached is not the one used in the magazine itself. "Russell was great to photograph and it would be good to get this shot out there," he remarks.

SA4QE hasn't seen a copy of the actual magazine issue yet, but is far too excited to wait and get hold of one. There doesn't appear to be a version of the article on the Glass website, but here's a list of stockists worldwide if you'd like to head out and find yourself a real paper copy. (In fact if you see one, get yourself two, as you're bound to meet a fellow Hoban fan who wants one.)

More of Mike's superb photography can be found on his website

Many thanks again to Mike for his generosity.


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