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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pynchon in Public Day and SF writers' choice

Pynchon posting in Brighton (courtesy Martin Eve)
This week saw two nice little Russell Hoban cameos in the Guardian. The first was courtesy of Thomas Pynchon student and sometime SA4QE contributor  Martin Eve, who co-organised Pynchon In Public Day, the first international celebration of the author's birthday in similar style to our own. The Guardian picked up on this and interviewed Martin in this short but sweet piece, and also went on to ask readers for ideas for similar celebrations of other favourite authors. Nice one, Martin!

The second was in Saturday's Guardian Review, in which Russell Hoban himself contributed to a feature in which "leading SF writers choose their favourite novel or author in the genre". Hoban, it could be argued, is not strictly an SF writer (Fremder excepted), although given the chance a lot of people would probably put him in this category, if only for want of any suitable category. Then again, the author he chooses is HP Lovecraft, who is probably known more for horror than SF. But why split hairs? "Lovecraft is not everybody's mug of Ovaltine," observes Russ in the feature, elsewhere riffing on Cthulhu, "but I have always found him horribly cosy." Yum.

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  1. Good work, Martin! I loved that Guardian feature, although my "to read" list has grown considerably.


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