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Saturday, 4 February 2006

peter morrison 2006

hello all. happy russ's birthday.

i sat last night and wrote out my SA4QE on one of the nice sheets of yellow paper i liberated from work. carried it around all day with me. took me awhile to decide where to put it. then as i headed towards HMV it hit me. leave it in the world cinema section, and given the nature of my quote, preferably with a horror film. i opted for the japanese ring trilogy box set, i felt given the themes of linger awhile that was a very appropriate place to leave a quote about a video-generated hopping thing...

Everything was going round and round with the ground sometimes tilting up and sometimes down while out of the corner of my eye I saw some great big hopping thing coming after me. I sprinted down Cecil Court, dodged through the traffic in St. Martin's Lane with the thing close behind, made a sharp right towards the Coliseum, then left and left again and so on trying to lose it but when I reached the lab it was still hot on my heels. Once I got inside I phoned the police while the hopping thing did its best to come through the wall. Scared? I didn't know whether to shit or go blind so I just closed one eye and farted and hoped for better times. It took about an hour and a whole lot of black coffee before the thing left off thumping and squelching and went back to wherever it lives.

from Linger Awhile

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